NUZ(formerly known as N.E.W.S standing for North, East, West, South) is a Haitian Kompa band made up of very talented singers and musicians. The band originates from Boston Massachusetts formed in March of 2011
NUZ’s music can be described as new generation Kompa blended with R&B and soul. The band’s music is a seamless balance of English, French and Creole words. NUZ is on track to becoming an icon of this generation as the sound of the “Next Generation Kompa” music. The objective of the band is to bring their music all around the world even places where Haitian music has never reached before. As NUZ’s travel cities and countries around the world they are undoubtedly leaving their mark of the best new Haitian band of this generation. NUZ’s work is focus on staying true to their fans by creating music they can relate to.



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  1. Chic music, a blend of konpa, zouk, troubadour and rnb, a real breath of fresh air for Haitian music. The singers are really confident a reminder of Michael Guirand, from Carimi, keep up the nice work boys and you'll make it the sky is the limit. Plis fos! 

  2. J'adore cette chanson … cette voix si mélodieuse vous. wow so que les Noirs ont leurs charmes est vrai parce que je suis tellement en amour avec un garçon noir d'Haïti et je chante Ne Va … hehehe

  3. tapez " les improvistes chapire 2 " et regardez mes videos de jeunes comedien de toulouse vous allez rire ! Juste un clik ! et surtout si vous aimez n'oubliez pas de cliquer j'aime et de partager sur facebook ;)

  4. it was better than most of these bands out now but, i dont like kompa with all that english in it, good beat though i jus couldn't get into the lyrics, but mayb it'll grow on me or mayb not, but keep working hard, i see potential

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