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  1. "We once couldn't vote." Most today are completely unaware that it was not Democrats but was actually Republicans who not only helped achieve the passage of explicit constitutional voting rights for blacks in 1870 but who also held hundreds of elected offices during the 1800s.

  2. I wonder if the inspiration for this song came from Rev. Al Sharpton's saying "This election in not about Obama. It's about your mama". I've heard Rev. Sharpton say that in political ads encouraging voting that air on MSNBC television where he is the host of a political show. And he also including that saying in comments that he gave in June 2012 in a speech when he was honored at the BET awards. There's a clip of that speech.on YouTube.

  3. Thanks for composing this political song and producing this video. I applaud your creativity, your political consciousness, & your decision to add your energies to the movement to re-elect President Obama.

    I transcribed the words to your song/rap & showcased them with this video in a post on my cultural blog. Google Pancocojams Tell Yo Mama 2 Go Vote 4 Obama (Video & Lyrics)

    Additions and corrections to that transcription are very welcome.

    Thanks again!

    4 more years for Obama!

  4. Love this video and the great performance by these three beautiful young people. Have shared it with many of my friends. Congrats MNYungFactors. You did a fabulous job!

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