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Cristy Lane her signature in life” One Day At A Time” Song, Biography Available in all formats ,CD, DVD, next …. The movie !! They have sold millions throughout the world!!! Cristy would like say thanks to all throughout the world. Special thanks to the writers of song, MariJohn Wilkins and Kris Kristofferson publisher Buckhorn music. Writers of the # 1 million selling book, ” One Day at A Time ” available in all formats at
Lee Stoller and Pete Cheney copyright Lee Stoller publisher LS records.

Marijohn, is writing and singing with the Angels, you will always be the warmth inside one corner of my heart. Love, Cristy & Lee



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  1. This was my Mom's favorite song after she was saved at 80 years of age. She was Baptized on her 81st Birthday. She went home to be with the Lord on September 2, 2016 at 9:42pm EST. Oh how I miss her BUT I know i WILL see her again! !PRAISE GOD!!!

  2. glad this song popped up in my play list it has helped me so much I just haven't heard it and along time and one day I was praying because I was at my ends with everything that has happened to me in the past year and outta nowhere this song popped up and started playing and it's helped so much

  3. the most beautiful song i have ever herd. have lived by it for 20 years it will be played at my funeral over and over i lived my life by it and and will in death

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