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  1. he's as good as he should be, not Great but damn if you claim to rap you better be able to freestyle IDC if its written, you can't expect off the top Cuz only a few can Really doit

  2. This shit wasn't advanced but that's not his style. The first thing he spit wasn't bad at all. It definitely wasn't "off the dome" but it wasn't trash either.

    I just think its refreshing to know that he actually can get up there and spit something unlike a lot of these new artists.

  3. My momma said never go out after 9
    F*ck that time cuz i had me a 9
    Watch the homie cook that zone in the kitchen
    .357 with a nose like pipen
    I always asked can i go to my grannies house
    It's easier to sell them bands out the candy house
    I never had time for my bitch cuz i'm gone
    Out with the homie's so she think i'm doing wrong
    She said be careful cuz they might hit ya up
    I'm looking at this b*tch like i don't give a f*ck
    Burner on my hip yeah the life of a thug
    All my homie's bang i just wanna sell drugs
    My homie's locked popped a nigga in the room
    The way things going sh*t i might see him soon
    Rubber grip, Hollow tip Four Four man
    Brains out the pocket make him look like its ray
    Got so many h*es on my d*ck now
    Thirsty, yeah i'm the sh*t now
    Plug said 30 for a brick now
    all the cash in my pocket cant fit now
    Big chain 1 ring 1 watch
    Fuck 1 lick 1 One watch
    when it comes to pimpin i'm a veteran
    Ain't the most attractive but i got hella bands
    See me in the club, That nigga
    With at least 2 h*oes, Jack tripper
    D*ick in her mouth she gone swallow
    She gone do anything for a bottle
    Uh, Now she losing
    All this bread got her best friend choosin
    Been starrin at me No they aint cool
    Ima really fuck her now cuz they aint cool
    Dogg ass nigga I dont give a fuck
    Dogg ass nigga muthafucka RUFF
    Go hard , No pass
    And if you drive out here get no gas
    They like me, They like me
    I dont love em im just actin where's spike lee
    Moral of the story is i got h*es
    In different area codes

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