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  1. +justin5818  _I hear yah Its a good thing your having the right in your relationship!  I used thattechnique also cause i know it will make_me and my girlfriend last for a lifetime

  2. I didn't know this song from Placebo, but now that I discovered it, I can't stop at listening to it. . I'm speechless, it's amazing for the energy of the music and for the lyrics..it perfectly reflects our state of mind when somebody breakes a promise that made to us..

  3. επειδη πιστευει οτι η ελλαδα κυριαρχει ολο τον κοσμο και οτι εμεις ειμαστε παντα οι καλυτεροι απο ολους και γενικα αυτο δεν ειναι αληθεια.

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