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  1. Dear Mr. Arceneaux. I'm recommending all my students to your course of study. Yours is the clearest, most effective, and accurate set of exercises I have seen online. I teach master classes in many universities and here in New York and my students are always looking for good resources. You have put together an accessible, efficacious course of study for singers of all levels. Bravo. 

  2. I seriously want to get my voice back plus some, but i have a problem shaking my lips to make that sound effect, despite how hard i try. Any help with ppl that cant shake there lips? Ps, i have recti diastasis, i have had it for over a year, can no longer run or jump. I use to love to run, but no longer can run or jump. Back in '08 i was good enough to make it to Districts Saprano 1, but no longer can reach the note i once could since my pregnancy of '16. Any advise??!

  3. My vocal inspiration is always Hansi Kursch from Blind Guardian (who's inspiration is Freddie Mercury of Queen… aka I/we like to layer) but my range is lower, like Tommy Karevik or Roy Khan from Kamelot… let's see how these videos help, I'm at the welcome part now. I like it so far!

  4. I've been told that my voice is beautiful but every time I try to hit a high note my voice starts to break do you have any tips for that . It would be really helpful because i have an inter school competition and they gave me the highest note if i can't do it they won't let me perform . Please help me