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  1. this is sad & any so called man that EVER rapes a beautiful women is not a real man
    & No REAL women should ever respect him as a man He should get killed with his dick chopped off as an example to any and all other so called men who want to destroy your own women
    Sorry je detaste
    rapist,liars and theives

  2. Haiti the real birth of a nation! the only western nation beside America to fight for its independence and win! they are being robbed of their wealth by America and France, the same two countries Haiti defeated to gain their independence. these are very strong people here! Stand up Haiti, coming from an American Brother! You all beat slavery once together we can do it again!

  3. So instead of helping these young girls, who are orphaned actually, the men proceed to destroy them spiritually, mentally and physically. Weak savages!!!

  4. Money for earthquake never existed is was only on paper nunbers , or went to the clintons they hang around with prosecuted pedophiles epstine & co the people of Haiti have been f"""ed over & the corporate world just looks the other way , wounder if it would be different if it happened hear , ? Being destitute, I hang my head in shame, this is so sad & now a death of a investigator, something stinks , resurching into human trafficking & sex workers ,

  5. since 1945 with the arrival of the usa in haiti prostitution was born and this is not only in haiti ago prostitution is everywhere
    thank you H.A.R.P project
    Remind you of this will not be like us if our ancestor were present still got the all white men no matter their race must vivid free one day you will understand the mesage
    waits to unite H.A.R.P we remember January 12, 2010

  6. Haiti will never be better if the higher powers and authority keep deceiving and looting the Haitians,all the millions that was donated after the earthquake was never spent for the people where did that money go.

  7. We all know why young girls turn to prostitution….take the camera away from their embarrassed face's and stick it right up close to the grown men that use these girls and ask  THEM  why?
    Ask them why they don't pay ?
    Ask them how it feels to beat a little girl up ?
    Haitian men are proud of their country right ? So why do they do this to their little sister's ?

  8. Haitins are having babies like there is no tomorrow.  They come to the states and have huge families.  They measure sucess by how large their families are.  Can you see the problem?

  9. This is so sad, what if you grew up without parents and then what if  your sister was to get aids while trying to make enough money to support you. Then there would be very little chance to ever repay her since there is almost no economic prospects. If the girl in this video happens to ever see this comment by some random chance. I want her to know that she did what she had to do and that no matter what, she is still a beautiful human being full of worth, life and love. Her circumstances do not make her a worthless person, only actions can do that and her actions have been full of love.

  10. Everyone comparing Haiti to the DR you do understand that while they share a small island they are different countries(different histories, different languages) Haitians can blame the DR all they want but when looking at the bigger picture the DR is not responsible for what is going on in Haiti not this not anything, You act as if the DR has to be responsible for the issues going on in Haiti and thats completely unfair and for the record it was Haiti that invaded the DR and killed many Dominicans to begin with but we're aren't allowed to talk about that are we???… Haiti initiate the problems (wanted the island of Hispaniola for themselves) and tried to use Dominicans to pay their debt to France furthermore these countries have been separated since 1697

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