Rẙ+Clö Zouk to Beyonce's XO @ Times Square


Rẙ +Clö perform an improvised zouk dance to Beyonce’s “XO”. this is the 4th take, and only minor blocking was done – all the dancing is impromptu.



“This is a very special moment for us to share with everyone. Nothing ever compares to the feeling we have when we dance with each other , brother and sister, and even more to music that inspires us like Beyoncés ‘XO’. Thanks Queen B!

Kuna Malik…. we are in LOVE with your Zen EYE :)!! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift and talent 🙂

This song is such an amazing example of how this contiguous and beautiful healing rhythm is spreading. Thanks so much to all who have supported and continue to support our art.

Special thanks to my ZenZouk team for inspiring us, all of my NYC and NJ students for your love and passion for this amazing dance, and lastly our mother who has given us her love and support unconditionally. We cannot wait to keep creating and dreaming with you all”

Rẙ + Clö



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  1. My body was riddled with goosebumps and I shed a couple of tears…all because of how absolutely stunning this is. WOW. And Kuna you are a genius! 

  2. Ah how lovely!  Just heard the song for the first time and google searched for a zouk dance to it – absolutely beautiful – what a setting too. 

  3. I love this dance. I want to learn it.  No.. I want to live it. Oh by the way it also works if you mute the sound and play "I've had the time of my life" from dirty dancing.  What other songs are Zoukable? hmm?  

  4. We all end up having to dance Zouk in places where other people didn't invite us (Kizomba dance floors, bars, streets), so your unselfconscious  joy at doing this in the moment  were really inspiring!

  5. Beautiful to watch. And the videographer captured it so brilliantly across such an expanse that was littered with wanderers.
    Love to see more from both the couple nd the videographer!