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  1. Another day has come and go
    time has been slow
    thinking about the day you left
    my life is just a mess
    or is this a test
    I try so hard,we went so far
    y'all can finish the next part…

  2. Tôi đào mộ đã chôn vùi quá khứ của tôi Nó đã trống rỗng rồi; Tôi đoán rằng nó không bao giờ kéo dài Tôi đã quá muộn để nhận ra rằng, cuộc sống sẽ khô héo và chết đi Khi đôi cánh bị cắt xén, chúng không còn bay được nữa Chúng không còn bay nữa; Họ không còn có thể lên đến bầu trời Họ đã quên mất ý nghĩa của từ đơn giản 'cao' Tất cả hy vọng là mất; Chúng tôi chỉ đứng yên và thở dài Đang cố gắng giải phóng bản thân khỏi tất cả những bí quyết và sự thật Chúng tôi đã có rất nhiều câu hỏi nhưng chúng tôi chưa bao giờ hỏi Chúng tôi vẫn tiếp tục giả định và bám víu vào quá khứ Chúng tôi chưa bao giờ nhận ra rằng thế giới bên ngoài rộng lớn Và bây giờ chúng tôi đang ở đây Chúng ta đã chạy trốn khỏi vị trí của chúng ta để tránh những lời giải thích chúng ta đã che dấu từ mọi quan điểm để bảo vệ niềm tự hào của chúng ta Nhưng cuối cùng chúng ta không có niềm tự hào vì tất cả những gì chúng ta làm là nói dối Tình yêu không bao giờ chết

  3. I can hear it in your voice
    I hear it all the time
    everything I put u thru
    and every bit of lies
    you try to cover it up
    but it's killing you inside
    I can't make it better
    no matter how hard I try
    it hurts me so bad
    cause I make u wanna cry
    I can't change the past
    but I would if I could try
    my mom taught me better
    to be a better guy
    she told me if it was real
    then the love will never die
    when I'm around you
    my heart smiles from deep inside
    but all my mistakes keep me from making you feel the same
    it drives me insane
    how much love can make you be afraid
    losing someone you love can be the hardest thing
    especially after what the loved ones bring

  4. Is it okay for me to say I hope we can be more than friends? Is it okay that I hope this relationship never ends ? Is it okay for me to hold ur hand and promise to hold u down till the end?
    Cause girl I really wanna confess and express my feelings too
    But honestly I don't wanna lose what we got between me and you I promise I can be the best I ain't nothin like the rest

    This is what I got so far

  5. Our love
    Where is she going?
    Have fought so far
    But now it's over

    Nothing brings us back our love
    The tears run over my face
    The pain is so deep in me
    Nobody can free me from it

    You're gone
    Forever and ever
    You will not come back
    Not to save me

    For you I am nobody
    But for me you were the world
    But our love
    She's gone

    You said that love never dies
    Now she has died and the hope is right
    Nobody can save me now
    I give up my life

  6. Its really all these idiots that gets in your face,
    Making themselves just look like a disgrace,
    They punch you once or maybe twice,
    Beging them to stop and start being nice,
    They think it fun to call you names,
    Think again and stop playing these games,
    Its not a laugh its just being mean,
    Pushing and punching and just making a sence,
    I know what it feels like its not very nice,
    Should've asked my mum for any advice,
    So im making this song to atop this
    Because i do not like bullys not even a bit,

    So lets stop this together,
    Lets just stop bullying eachother,
    I swear it not nice at all, i swear it not good,
    I do anything to stop it if i could.

    So lets stop this nonsense right now,
    Calling people names and say they look like a cow,
    Even if it true no need to say it outlowd,
    To embarras him in front of the crowd,
    – [ ]

  7. From HusKKiee

    I happened to pass by my shadow on the streets
    It rained and I looked up as the sun dismissed
    Wet cheeks, blurry sight
    I’m not even sure if it’s tears pouring from my eyes

    And I know that she knows that I know that she knows
    That everything I do was to go with the flow
    I’ve been doing stuffs that I’ve never been told
    Just to retain my grip and my hold

    Listen, I want you to listen
    Pay attention to all the things that I wanna tell you
    Baby, listen, please listen
    So that I can tell you all the lies that I wouldn’t have told you

    I want you to see to, I want you to see through
    The field that has been blocked from your view
    The roses that bloomed, they gave me the chills
    Cos they are too pretty to be considered real

    I know, that I knew, that I would be crying over someone like you
    Thunder and lightning trying to brighten up my day but the pain never went away
    My hands are shaking and my heart has gone cold
    It’s still summer but it feels like a winter without snow

    I’m shivering while I’m still breathing
    I’m running out of breath, it’s the end of the show
    Can I take a bow and step off the stage?
    Cos I’ve already lost my battle with age

    Flip to another page, that’s another chapter
    A world where there’s no sadness, only laughter
    But the page I was looking for got tore off by my hands
    Cos there’s no such thing as ‘everything is fine when it ends’

    Give me a paper and a pen
    And I will write down my pain on a scale from one to ten
    It’s eleven, because there’s never an end
    Numbers they never made sense, they’re just there to make up ‘the end’

    Flash-forward to a few years that are in sight
    I see nothing I guess I need some insight
    I need medication to supress this unnerving sensation
    I need to go to sleep to escape from this dimension

    Free me from this universe, save me from this bind
    Cos I don’t ever want to be left behind
    Every time I fell I take it as a sign
    A hint that I should stop chasing after you cos you’re not on my mind

    You’re never here, I’m never there but we’re both so near
    We both never spoke, but still I hold on to my tears
    Sitting across the table but there’s so much distance
    It’s distant, it’s killing me slowly, and I need assistance

    I cut my wrist but all I did was flinched
    Blood ran down like tears but I didn’t move even an inch
    The physical pain feels more or less like a pinch
    Cos the scars on my heart made me a mask full of tint

    Slow down, I wanted to say I’m sorry
    Apologizing for all the memories
    I feel like I’m looking at the world upside down
    Cos I was never meant to be happy inside out

    Look into my eyes and tell me I’m not fine
    Tell me that I always have something to hide
    Secrets to bury, I wanna run but I can’t fly
    Grounded by emotions, restricting all my motions

    I didn’t want to let you know, I didn’t want to let you go
    Blow out the candles on my cake and turn off the lights as you leave
    I made a wish and I know it’ll never happen
    Cos I won’t be there to see it being granted

    I’m a ghost; I’m the host for this confusing circus
    Too much on my mind, I can’t stop this turbulence
    This fusion of delusion is causing an illusion
    Of me being stuck in a mirror while you melt away as I froze in time

    Pinch me, I want to wake up from this dream
    I want to be free from all the imaginings
    I want to run away from the painful imagery
    Cos I can’t stand no more to all this savagery

    Stab me through my heart, cos I know it won’t hurt
    Tell me that I should be sorry for causing so much hurt
    If today I die, I choose to die by my words
    I’ll go with no regrets, only tears and blood

    I’ll go with tears and blood
    I’ll promised to not return
    I’ll still love even if it hurts…

    I'll still love…

  8. I wished. that u could care for you and make you fly high but these thoughts in my head made me love from you made me see the light in the sky and I wished. you could see but you lifted me for that other guy Makin me feel so sick like got no hope like I got no compassion Makin me feel you inside and Makin love never die cause with you in my heart baby I see you in my eyes and I hope to see you grow into the one that never dies Makin you so truly Makin love never die

  9. I'm 9 years old and I used this beat to make a song
    Here's the song:

    Where Will Love Take You

    Baby, I know I broke your heart
    Let's go back to the start
    Tears running down your face
    Some things I just can't replace

    I remember our photo together
    We held hands forever and ever
    I don't focus sometimes
    Because you are all over my mind

    Please give me this chance
    To do something, let's dance
    What will we do
    Because I need you

    A spark is deep in our hearts
    Put us together like parts
    What will we do
    Where will love take you
    Ohh Ahh Ohh

    We still have a key
    To get back to what you need
    Remember that love letter
    I gave you my jacket made of leather

    Maybe we were are meant to be
    So why do you leave
    You don't reply to my texts
    Don't know what I'm suppose to do next
    Oh Yeah

    Oh give me this chance
    To do something, let's dance
    What will we do
    Because I need you

    A spark is deep in our hearts
    Put us together like parts
    What will we do
    Where will love take you
    Yea Yeah

    Oh look at your smile
    I may even stare for a while
    When I go to sleep I think of you
    Morning rises don't wake up next to you

    When I look in the mirror
    Words couldn't get any clearer
    We were next to each other
    Like no other

    Look at your beautiful face
    Your too perfect to be replaced
    Now I'm off track
    But you can get me back

    Please give me this chance
    To do something, let's dance
    What will we do
    Because I need you

    A spark is deep in our hearts
    Put us together like parts
    What will we do
    Where will love take you

    Please give me this chance
    To do something, let's dance
    What will we do
    Because I need you

    A spark is deep in our hearts
    Put us together like parts
    What will we do
    Where will love take you

  10. Fuck i love you i slept with you.

    how could you leave me taking everything everything i seen that everything was you.

    I was dumb i had no luck i knew she hated me now im left with no key see what i mean this shit real love never dies FUCK IT LOVE IS A LIE GOD HOW COULD YOU BE REAL WHEN I THINK I SHOULD HAVE NO LIFE.

    Rewind 1 month back almost committed suicide when i woke i seen that girl that left me behind she was on her knees crying she said she was just lieing i guess love will never be dying fast foward now she left me forever im just left sober im hung over FUCK god help me i cant see whats heading to the ending im addicted to stuff is bad for me see what i mean love is a lie she was my life now i want to commit suicide

  11. when I saw you
    I fell in love with you
    for the very first time.
    You didn't even know.
    You were my happiness.
    You were my light.
    My all in one song.
    I loved you more than you'll ever know.

  12. As a fellow producer I most definitely respect your work. You use lame sound banks and still manage to produce high quality music. You dude prove everybody you can do magic with modest tools.

  13. look they say love nvr dies they say its blind but i think i found mine every night i wake up on time same shit over in over again cook dope up in the kitch wife always bitching niggas always snitching some time i be wishing that yall mother fuckers would stop pretending to be friends n learn to stay real put your heart in this friend ship n shit will nvr change nvr end so look my bars are hot i be cooking up with tge devil go burn n hell n rot u a dirty ass thot fuck with me n i will get the glock im always hot so gotta lay low i cant fuck with padrol (first rap lol ik it suck but eh enjoy)

  14. Jag tror att jag gillar dig.. men gillar du verkligen mig?

    Många år har gått sen jag började 7:an, jag kände ingen kärlek till dig, nej inte början, men desto mer jag kolla på dig, kände jag en värme som strålar genom mig o jag blev lyckligast i världen, men innerst inne så visste jag, att jag va inte den som du va intresserad av. De fick mig att bli ledsen, för att- jag visste att de aldrig kunde bli vi

  15. The first time i saw you i thought, oh my god
    I didnt know you so, i didn't wanna reply
    But i did i got hooked on you Then i fell for you
    I was down for you since day one you said i was your world, you said i was your pride and joy, you said i was your girl, you used to say my eyes had the stars, I believe you i put my trust in you, i gave you my heart and told you i would never leave you, but you did me wrong, you left me crying with my heart open singing the wrong song, for 3 whole days you got me thinkin i couldnt live without you, but im rising, im getting stronger by the minute, now i know i cant live with you, i still love you but i just cant stand you, on the outside i wanna cry but just know my love never dies😔😘