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  1. Well don't you see his rally's if you call him names he kicks you out. He's talking about freedom, make American great again, but he contradict himself doing things like this.

  2. dudes so fake whats it matter. he owes the real Rick Ross like at most half his fortune for using his likeness to create a false identity to even get some form of street cred that nobody,but himself can seem to recall his story. fuck this fake former C.O.! he should be posing as the cover for diabetes and idc magazine.

  3. He didn't censor the line. Unfortunately, they tend to censor lines like this even on explicit albums. Eminem had it happened when he made lines about the president and white house. Lines relating to killing government members, or school kids, tend to automatically be censored out by the labels because they know the stores won't sell i… regardless of how honest or exaggerated the lines are. This should more be a case of why censorship in entertainment is stupid, not about Trump or Ross being black.

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