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  1. TF this nigga talking bout what he do/don't respect. I don't respect punk ass co's locking gates up jumpin mf, and cutting niggas visits and phones short how bout that poot-butt

  2. rick ross need to mind his own fuckin business wit his ultra fake ass these niggas been in the game for some time now to let a lame ass nigga such as ross intervene in they situation he need to be smacked. worry about getting meek wack ass some new bars fuck a mmg fuck ross lame wack ass officer ricky lol fake ass mason thats why game gon beat meeky weaky bar mills ass fucking clown

  3. Fuck all the hype and the drama man. Both of these men are powerful men and some of the best in the industry at what they do and they need to just fix their shit and unite once more.

  4. I gave up rap a couple years ago, it's embarrassing – in the 90s it was cool, now it's just a joke, fuck rap and the fake ass rappers – they don't deserve my $20 bucks or my fucking time,.

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