Rude Jude Angelini Interview – Jenny Jones, Eminem, Hyena, Drugs, etc – #SRShow


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  1. Coming up in Michigan (rochester, romoeo, wixom/walled lake, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, allen park, taylor, redford, Detroit, grand rapids, Waterford/west Bloomfield, Romulus, livonia… and every other town a homeless 15-19 year old had to live in to survive) im so happy to hear from a person who made it from Michigan from the bottom. He might not be kid rock, eminem, jack white, bob Seger, ted Nugent type sucess, But hes definitely the jdilla of "shock jock." I love how much success comes from this state. I love jude and his honesty. Fuck you sam Roberts. Fuck jim, fuck teft, fuck o&a fuck all that. Kidding of course…. but congrats to jude… hope more sucess to you and hummingbird was the shit. Much love from the D.

  2. Love Jude, but it's very weird to hear grown adults talk about adopting dressing styles and all that…just seems really juvenile and Jude does it a lot although, in fairness, he didn't bring it up this time.

  3. this muthafucka said the caldeans own all the liquor stores!!! they went over 99.9% of everyone's heads, and I'm the .1 that got it

  4. Rude Jude gives me a Mitch Hedberg vibe in a way, ya know?? If he were to do stand-up comedy, he would definitely have his own original style, but he def has that blunt type, unexpected-punchline comedy.