Samba freestyle video by Nads in London UK


NadS (Nadia) has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She started with ballet in France then continued with contemporary and jazz styles. Later, she decided to focus on Afro and Caribbean folklore (gwo ka, buiguine … from the French Caribbean islands) as it is part of her heritage. She was recently in one of Sean Paul’s music video shot in Toronto. Today, she is performing with companies such as “Carnival Spice and Everything is Nice”, “Samba Jess” and “Inspiracion Latina” in Canada. Yes, you read “samba”, NadS is a versatile dancer. Not to mention she also performed in London UK with “Brazilian Fantazy” and “Wuk-up Academy”. Her style and her contagious smile have already charmed thousands of people.

Video: Dr.MejiAlabi Meji Alabi (JM-Films TV)

Art Direction: Nafura Ka (Wuk up academy London)

Costume: Brazilian Fantasy Samba Costumes

Location: Brixton’s Street Gym

Music: Unidos da Tijuca 2016 Letra e Samba



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