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  1. The fact that you tried to explain the plural version of cactus and then not even 30secs said "Catuses" like an idiot makes me laugh so much. Plus like 4 other times during the video!😂😂😂😂
    I love your videos and there really helped me decide which path I've wanted for each and every character but holy fuck does your English suck so much. Not to mention you were in college when making these video. That's just sad beyond belief.

  2. best at this path is that the big enemys in gianzs get hit by the mortar and the cactuses every single second and they attack the cactuses first while you can keep attacking without worrying your health

  3. it does look cooler than i thought watching your video, but i still kind think the bazooka path is more useful. thanks for the feedback though!

  4. bty i can't go on FB beause i think someone hacked me because my passwor doesn't work but i think i'll make a new acount. also i can't get in my hotmail also so i might make 2 new acounts.

  5. You know Dan it's nice to chat with someone because my friends don't have timr to talk and the other are such JERKS too me just because i like Pokemon and Skylanders they really don't like skylanders because they said about the series of skylander your just trying to stop a megit guy whats the point of that?!

  6. I personally think Artilleryman is better in terms of Power. Floral Defender is not entirely useful in PvP, because you can still destroy the cacti. It's kind of useless for facing other projectile Characters.

    But still, Zook is one of my all-time favorites. Personally my 2nd favorite Life Skylander (Stump Smash is my 1st favorite, he's so good!).

  7. In the boss battle with Evil Zook in Falling Forst, his bazoooka missles explode into smaller missles and spread out.

    Can you do that with the real Zook?

  8. they are so dumb (enemies) cause i grew a cactus barrier went to the right (grew it on the left) and the enemies don't go after me they go after the cactus and just die it is awesome but that might have been a glitch try it out and tell me if it works