Soca Oldies – Throwback Mix


– Soca Oldies Mix done by yours truly –

Summary of Intent:
My intent with this soca mix is to possibly interest others in some of the music that I listened to when I was younger. I can recall being passionate about hearing and recording many of these songs off the radio on either a Friday or Saturday evening (which was when a couple of prominent soca shows in Toronto aired during the eighties and early nineties). Although I did not have the money to purchase most of these records back then as a kid, my passion has driven me to purchase all of the records used in this mix within the last few years (aside from the “Tambu – The Journey” album, which I purchased as a kid when it came out). Hopefully you have an opportunity to listen to and enjoy this mix. Hey, maybe with enough positive feedback I may create and upload another.

Nontheless I thank you for your interest,


Equipment Used:

– 2 Technics 1210M5G Turntables

– 1 Rane TTM 57SL Mixer with Serato Live Built-In

– 1 Macbook Pro

1. Winston Soso – I Don’t Mind
2. Baron – Ridiculous
3. Asterisks – Thunder (cover version of Duke’s original done by this great back-up band, who also worked with other artists such as Shadow and Winston Soso) — I used this version given I prefer it)
4. Scrunter – Party Lover
5. Black Stalin – Move
6. Tambu – Free Up
7. Shadow – Bad Boy Peter
8. Sugar Aloes – Jam Meh
9. Baron – We Having A Party
10. Leston Paul and The New York Connection – Dancin’
11. Winston Soso – Dancing Spell
12. Shadow – Feeling The Feeling
13. Leston Paul and The New York Connection – Get Up and Dance
14. Carl & Carol Jacobs – Santimanitay
15. Lord Kitchener – Kakaroach
16. Baron – Melody Sweet
17. Bally – Teaser
18. Mighty Trini – Record Producer
19. Scrunter – Gimme Some
20. Rootsman – Soca In De Palace
21. Sound Revolution – Shake It
22. Drupatee – Pepper
23. Mighty Trini – Picka
24. Duke – Pan In Yuh Rookcung – Kertungcung
25. Drupatee – Hotter Than Ah Chulha
26. Director – Neighbour, Neighbour (Sousy)
27. Gypsy – Sing Ram Bam (How To Win)
28. Baron – Don’t Rock It So
29. Rebels – Bend Down and Rock (cover of Carl & Carol Jacobs tune – I used this version given I prefer the horns remake)
30. Lord Kitchener – Pan In ‘A’ Minor

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  1. turnrom…..amazing this is by far one of the best and cleanest mixes out there and thank god you dont use all those annoying DJ effects. Thumbs up on a great mix keep up the good work!

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