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  1. I was in this Prison ,back in 96. it was converting to a level 2 .
    one thing i remember their was a lot D.O and piece shit on that yard .
    Thank God for the Riot ,to get the fuk out of there.

  2. Soledad is no longer what it used to be,Central is the only GP yard left & even there you have a few no-gooders flying under the radar!

  3. What's you're interest in Soledad? I paroled from there a little over a year ago. I recognize a few people from the video as a matter of fact. I don't know what's up with the gangster rap at the beginning trying to sound hard because the whole prison is hella soft. It's two level two yards and one level one worker yard. I think North yard is PC too.. I was on Central yard and spent a bit of time on X wing or the Soledad SHU or Special Housing Unit..