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  1. i live in a pineapple under the sea im yellow spongey and happy as can be squidward mops while i mop the deck lets get this place clean before its a reck patrick comes right a long come on patrick were singing a song lets dance along sing along before i give out a check hold on i cracked mr krabs neck , mr krabs get your manz im over here on pearl throwin up some bandz tell sandy ill come in handy give her something fancy but make sure your house isnt of air because it would surely be a nightmare i need water please dont bother i need it i really need it and if you dont have it sandy you can beat it larry comes in a pack looking scary lookin at my dary also lookin wary bitch please dont let me get gary gary come home its been a long time since you called this place your own im all alone with squiwards raggety bones squidward hush your clarinet noones tryna make a duet i blow bubbles and catch jelly fish fishes order up and i cook them a dish if you need me ill be at jelly fish feals or orderin up a meal its no really big deal even my bars are better than meek mill soon ill be mr.bill cashin all these checks and moppin on dem decks

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