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Zouk Love – Figaro – St Lucia – Help Me Make It Through The Night – Lucians – Visit – Well what can I say about this track, it’s one of my best zouk love tracks but respect goes to Mugs, my goodness what a job he did with the music…. I’ve always loved this song and when the opportunity came to do it in this version I could not resist. Can you help this track become one of the biggest of all the various version by adding it to your favourites and also rating it, if you want a copy of it send me a message it’s free. You can also enjoy my other tracks and leave a comment. Figaro – Zouk Love – St Lucia



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  1. @whatevernameitis I'm nor sure what language the gentleman is singing in but the song is called Help Me Make It Through The Night and the original is from Kriss Kristopherson, hope you enjoyed my version….