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I am giving HALF of the affiliate money back to you so you will earn more for these ICO’s and Platform lending here than anywhere else.
—More details to come– stay tuned

ICO’s that are my top recommends:

Ricona :

Please be my guest at Velocity Token

—More details to come– stay tuned

Fine Coin FineCoin here:

HedgeConnect here:

Please be my guest at Pagarex here is the link

These are the ICO’s I have a little bit in right now – High Risk High Potential – planting seeds in many fields then pull out seed money and loan the rest

I am also doing the Lendera ICO check it out here:…

Top Pick:
PagareX ICO I am doing Love this one here:…

I am a musician who loves many things including Crypto and I am ready to make some money. Playing music in clubs no longer makes money.
money is energy you need lot’s of energy
This is my Laborer to Investor Series hope ya dig it
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All music I create or maybe a close friend if I’m feeling spunky, enjoy!!

The best Bitcoin mining (must set up VPN, it’s easy)

Still not bought your first bit of Bitcoin??
It’s easy join Coinbase and get 10 dollars in free Bitcoin here:…
Then set up a Binance account and only transfer your winnings to there not GDAX or Coinbase they are just your fiat on ramp. they also have lot’s of altcoins and low fees. link to Binance:

The best Bitcoin mining (must set up VPN, it’s easy) Really the best

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