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  1. The so-called daughters of the America revolution must be some kind of re-tard. Do they not know that women were not allowed to vote until 1919-1920.what a group of retard, I hope that the father are raising the children's because these women are re-tard,.

  2. Haiti was the only nation on planet earth that didn't have slaves. That history. The only truth Democracy was Haiti. In the U S A women didn't get the right to vote until 1919-1920. What is a so-call democracy when half it population is not allowed to vote.?

  3. Well said.. But I would say that their history is the road map to African freedom through out the world.  Also it was the greatest event in the History of the world.  Hands down.

  4. Haiti is rich n full of history but lots of Haitian sold their soul to the white man n to the Dominicans, I say this because as soon as Haiti has problems they run to the U.S. Or run to D.R. To suck up n get disrespected by Dominicans…and can't forget about our black American brothers who in the past constantly teased n disrespected us in the late 80's early 90's

  5. considered who the fuck is america to tell a sovereign country who can take part in elections when the man was born there has done work there and wishes to return there and lead his people. First deal with why france and america are still mad at my tiny island nation and then I will consider with any seriousness your question

  6. Not if you are educated to believe that your people are inferior on some level and need someone else to guide them. You can not deny the mental problems of post slavery america can you? The problem stems from caucasians thinking they are superior to others, this hog wash that some mystical god gives them dominion over others this is there doing come back to roost face that fact. As far as us ruling ourselves once again stopped by america with this last election saying Wyclef Jean could not b

  7. So when do you ever put the blame on the black man that continues to misuse Haiti? This whole infatuation with white supremacy is ridiculous. When does a good black man assume power? Never? How long will you continue to blame the white man. I am with Haiti when Haiti fights back again. Baby Doc was black man, he had a choice. Every ruler has a choice.

  8. how do u know that they gave it obama the nobel prize and i gave all money for haiti as a proof he gave it to bush and clinton association just giv me the proof or are u a conspiratist lol

  9. President Obama gave the C.I.A full control of Haiti , by giving George Bush and BIll Clinton the responsibility to rebuild Haiti. It was the C.I.A who gave Baby Doc a lot of money to oppress his own people, because white supremacy needs revenge against Haiti because they where the first people to rebel against slavery in the west and successfully liberated their people from slavery. So Baby Doc returned to Haiti because he knows the C.I.A is in charge of Haiti.

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