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  1. Tons of Cabbage Roll recipe videos on YouTube, but none as good as this one. I found it years ago and learned from you. It took me 2 hours to find it again last night! I finally found it again. Thanks for the great video.

  2. Is it okay to use brown basmati rice? I'm worried it won't cook? Although 2 hrs seems like plenty of time for it to cook, it's not like it's in boiling water… thoughts, anyone?

  3. I hate scalding my hands, so I freeze the cabbage first.  When it thaws, it separates nicely and is very pliable, easy to handle.  But I use bacon and onions with the rice.

  4. Yes every culture has their version and I believe each culture has a vegetarian version too. I used to make three types. When I ate meat the meat combo was pork, veal, lean beef, Arborio rice, lots of sauted onions, garlic, sweet Paprika, onion, garlic powder, salt, black pepper. When using fresh cabbage the smaller leaves would be chopped thinly like a cole slaw to be distributed between layers. I also have a fermented cabbage version. I always use a good smoked garlic sausage, and cubed naturally smoked bacon between layers. Water to boil and either a homemade tomatoe soup at the end or a large roux of butter, flour and paprika poured at the near end and cooked for another 30 min. We love, love our cabbage rolls.

  5. I use tomato juice instead of beef stock or water  etc  ..and I  use minute rice  not cooked   mix and roll    decore cabbage  and boil 5 minutes 

  6. I made these before and don't remember if I used a pound of the veal by accident or not because the place I bought it from doesn't sell just a half pound so I'm guessing I must have. They're super delicious though.

  7. My mom makes these but she does not put in tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce. We call it "sarma". It's delicious!!! This version sounds good. I am just worried that tomato paste will take over too much making it taste more like pasta. Well, chef did say it's Italian version 🙂