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  1. I love Sweet Tee. She is definitely one of my faves who is on my top 5 list of best emcees.
    Being a 'dark-skinned' teen who breathed everything hip-hop when she was first rocking the mic, she was my representation.
    She definitely embodies Queen status. Is there an update on the show she was working on? The project with Monie and YoYo?

  2. That track that she mentions right at the beginning of this interview, if anyone hasn't heard it, YouTube it, DAVEY DMX ONE FOR THE TREBLE, and check it out, classic track.

  3. Daaaayum she still looking sweet fuh sho! Maaaan hip hop was so fun back in the day…let it be no doubt in ya mine it was on! Cats and Kitty's was get'n they battle on. DJ's was mix'n, attaching and blending…The "R"…lol…yeah! Break dancing, pop locking, graffiti, East Coast, West Coast….Awwww yeaaaah!

  4. It's cool to hear all the old school rappers tell you stories about and still shout out the other classic era rappers. Now-a-days since the late 90's, it's been dog-eat-dog and for the most part, no one wants to even say another rapper, singer, or even producer's name.. especially in a positive light. #GoldenEraForEver

  5. I saw her walking out my building on New Years Eve about 5 yrs ago. I almost passed out. She was my childhood crush. And she was so kind to me after I introduced myself. Mad down to earth