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  1. The Music Man was probably the first rap musical.  Look at the song "Trouble" for instance.  Harold Hill raps the the whole thing!  It's not a hip hop beat… but it could be.

  2. "Snoozer storyline"

    Dumb bitch making fun of a classic Broadway musical and film. She wouldn't know art if it slapped her in her uncivilized cake face. Uncultured bovine cunt.

  3. I just finished playing Harold Hill in a revival of The Music Man and is the presenter is going to call it boring well… she's got trouble my friend

  4. Maybe if this little idiot had ever actually seen The Music Man she wouldn't think it was such a "snooze." I was just in a revival of this show, which played to standing ovations after every performance. Tremendously entertaining, hilarious and touching. Considering it is STILL regularly revived and produced year after year for enthusiastic audiences all over the world, it is obviously not putting people to sleep. And it does NOT take place in Gary, Indiana. That is the name of one of the SONGS.

    Aarrggh. The nerve of this arrogant little twit! Pandering to the lowest common denominator.

  5. Number 1 The character Harold Hill is from Gary Indiana, hence the song "Gary Indiana" sung by a young Ronny Howard aka Opie Taylor aka Richie Cunningham, that is probably her confusion, but still she really should know the musical before she talks about it. And also Whats wrong with falling in love with a Librarian?   

  6. Imma cut a bitch. She clearly knows nothing about the music man. It did NOT take place in Gary, Indiana. It took place in River City, Iowa, which is said to be a stage name for mason city, Iowa. As an Iowan, I am rather offended. It's called Rock Island because it takes place on the rock island express as it comes into IOWA from Rock Island ILLINOIS. Oy…

  7. Woman obviously knows nothing about musical theater. Music Man is a national treasure. Hugh Jackman has done this bit before and actually does it quite well…..she should show some respect.

  8. She's a fake, and she doesn't know the territory! If she did, she'd know where the story is set. And this thing about a story of finding of love and redemption in a small town being a snooze? I guess it's not engaging unless the fifty mounted cannon in the battery explode during a titanic battle between Autobots and Decepticons. Misty, ya got trouble, with a capital "T" and that rhymes with "P" and that stands for "pool!"

  9. This song from the great American classic, "Music Man" lends itself to rap. I have the most respect for musicals that have stood the test of time and even played the female lead in this one!

  10. The presenter in this video is a goddamned idiot.
    River City Iowa is a much nicer place than Gary, Indiana.
    Get your facts straight, you mindless uninformed idiot.
    "When the man dances,
    Certainly, boys,
    He aint gonna listen to You.
    Yes, Sir,
    Yes, Sir,
    Yes, Sir…"

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