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  1. God and the spiritual realm is more real then reality itself. God may not be seen the by the human eye but he can be felt. People say the God is an imagination. They don't listen the heeds and the warnings to save them from eternal damnation. The world is fallen into dark times. where people are rewarded from what used to be crimes. There not crimes anymore because of desensitization. They believe that nothing was the start of creation. I tell you this not judge you and put you out. I tell you because I love you and I want the lost to be found. God loves you more then you could ever realize. Jesus died so we could have eternal life. You say if God is real then why are there so many bad things and it's because we choose to do them so that's why we must turn from are wicked ways. Some of you will read this and still be unconvinced, but before I go just let me tell you this. I love you no matter what your like or what you do. God love you like that too,but many times more it doesn't matter who. And I think to myself why would the creator of all thing would love us so much. I don't understand why ,but here's the real punch. You say if God is real then why are there starvation and so many diseases and it doesn't seem like God cares or can see it. Let me tell you God sees it and it's there for him to heal and those healings can be used as proof of a God who is very much real.

  2. 2014 and people still believe in an invisible being that has never been seen by anyone LOL i think theirs more proof of little green men from mars then their is of god.

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