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  1. Such a great interview. I wish you can interview again about his state of the nation and what he thinks about the current rise Democratic socialism and the movement.

  2. "Afghanistan, yeah.. "My" old boss was allegedly there for two tours came back with some form of PTSD. A "sniper" or the translation is hunter unit sort of "I" think. Yet it/they were supposedly acting like/as "a peace force" down there and this is (A LITTLE) – "on the down low/hush hush" kept from the public, news as quasi-non disclosure MINOR military thing or something, to not stain the face of question mark, but for some reason they were according to sources shooting a lot of "afghani dogs" down there in their efforts to "stabilize the situation." Who would have guessed something like that was included in the military duty and assignments for the pride and defense of countries." Maybe it was to limit the spread of disease among and from canines, who knows." People eat meat, where does the morality and ethics enter the equation. Warning readers be advised may contain horrific references: "I" remember seeing kittens put in black plastic bag as a child and had their skulls and bodies crushed with a shovel, you know." Or teeneagers loosely affiliated acquaintances filming while shooting an arrow, piercing an endangered bird and playing with it, not to forget the fake or real "darknet" footage later censored, moved to member sites etc, partially displaying people taking hammers and other tools for example and bashing their own or others genetalia." Pretty gory s***, why they/anyone or thing would do that and cater to such a market is beyond "me" unless used as "convergent objects" for other "purposes."

  3. "we can out suffer you" wow. tech really delivers passionate points, too bad some people are too emotionally numb to absorb it.

  4. Yo for real Ive listened to his music for years but I’ve just recently started watching interviews for the past few weeks and that shit has my eyes glued and ears open. I’m a white Irish kid from Jersey they lives in NYC and the way he breaks things down really makes me realize not to take everything at face value. Plus dude is an activist who is fucking active, he isn’t just talking the about shit, he’s been in the front lines

  5. 2017 Rappers, take notes: if you could make music with even 1/10th of the intellect of Immortal Technique, you could actually make a difference in todays youth with your respective audience.

  6. Gotta say been listening to Tech for years he is one of the few remaining real artists on the HipHop scene today but ive never watched or listened to any of his interviews. Now after watching a few nothing but Mad Respect for he is calculated , wise and from what i can tell a good dude .

  7. been listening to immortal technique for a while, always liked his stuff and have never seen this video until now. Gave me goosebumps to see how articulate he is and how he isnt just out there rapping about something that doesnt matter in this world. His message was clear…

  8. Just started listening to Immortal. Albums have been on complete repeat, this man is truly brilliant. I'm 19 years old and I love nothing more now then to learn about this country and the rest of the world. Astounding this mans level of knowledge and understanding. Inspirational!

  9. What a bunch of pseudo intellectuals. Bin laden was a "CIA asset? True, but irrelevant. Jews did 9/11. OBL had 0 to do with it. You are not allowed to say "Jew" on TYT so, instead, they are forced to talk about "CIA assets" even though 9/11 was done by an entire Israeli group of terrorists. Forgot to mention that little part guys? God, talk about relevant shit, not bullshit. TYT is 100% censorship. They are not allowed to talk about the REAL truth.

  10. I agree with a lot of what he said, but I'd love to have a discussion about Islam vs western values and jihad vs American imperialism, he almost seems to be an apologist to the slightest degree for the Middle East, I feel id need to hear him out a bit more before getting on board with everything he said, but I agree with his principles on war