The unique Sway and Basic step of Haitian Kompa dance !


An overview of the basic step and the unique sway of the Haitian Kompa dance. !With Cliford and Gaelle Jasmin, who structured and codified the Kompa dance. With their pedagogy, anybody can learn and dance Kompa !

Music : G Instrumental – Strings

Facebook : Haiti Kompa Dance / Kompa Artistic Dance

Contact them for private lessons, group classes, shows, entertainments : 305-510-9860 / 305-495-9774



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  1. Hello,
    I've wanted to learn how to dance konpa for the longest time, and I'm glad to have found you guys! However, my French and Creole is not very good. I understand a few words of what you're saying as you go through your lessons. Do you teach any of your classes in English or at least have a translator for those of us who can't follow along please? That would be tremendously helpful.

    Thank you,

  2. My congratulation to Cliford & Gaelle for the Work. I hope more Haitian Dance teachers will join hands to teach the Kompa to their students…I am not alone. Thanks to Cliford & Gaelle. Great pedagogy! 

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