Ti Manno – The Best of Ti Manno (Official Full Album)


TapTap Culture! Presents: Kompa Official full album by Ti Manno performing “The Best of Ti Manno” © 2013 Kreyol Music Inc. Check out the tracklist + Ti manno Bio below:

1. Eee
2. Corige
3. David
4. Ansanm Ansanm
5. Seso
6. L’Argent
7. Canter
8. Vive le dickompas
9. Unissons-Nous

June 1st 1953, Gonaives, the city of Independence, was born Jean Baptiste Emmanuel Rossiny, known by the nickname of Ti Manno, a top-notch musician, a genius whose talent Konpa Direct multidimensional continues to transcend all generations. However, as if to prove to Victor Hugo who said in”The Age of Louis XIV”that”has a genius … century,”May 13, 1985, Ti Manno died in New York at age 32 after a rich and eventful musical career but lasted only fifteen years.

Singer / songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and percussionist, the great adventure begins Timanno timidly in the early ’70s with neighborhood groups before lending his services to “Rhythm Devils” and “Amazing St-Marc” . He then flew to the United States of America where he joined the “Volo Volo Boston” as a singer alongside Ricot of Mazarin. At this crucial stage of his career as a singer that his talent began to emerge despite stiff competition from experienced singers of the era such as Roger M. Eugene (Shoubou), Jean Elie Telfort (Cubano), Henry Celestin Max Badette etc.. His experience with “Volo Volo” does not last long puisqu’Arsène Apollo convinces him to join the ranks of “Astros New York.” In 1978, after touring with the band, he decided to return to the fold to become established and continue growing his musical career. Thus began his great adventure with DP Express. It is committed to ensure the succession of Hervé Blues singer adored by fans of the group’s flagship Konpa Direct. The beginnings of Ti Manno with DP Express face enormous difficulties. Fans have problems digesting the departure of Herve affectionately nicknamed””Boulou. They see all the colors and the young Ti Manno, despite the success of”Reality,”sung with panache by this son of Gonaives.

It was not until the release of the album”David”in 1979, followed by the resounding success and now the title track of this album to see his great dedication. All titles of”David”inflame the AM band and nightclubs as a forest fire: e, e, Ensemm Ensemm, etc. Corige. trot on everyone’s lips. With this album, euphorically seized Port-au-Prince, the provinces and the Haitian diaspora in North America, the Caribbean and into French metropolis. Timanno fever is contagious and spreads to the speed of light. ”David”runs to nearly 100 000 copies. RFP Express is a full house wherever it is programmed. Timanno becomes, therefore, the Haitian artist’s most popular and most revered. At the height of his popularity in 1981, he left the RFP Express and decides to form his own group, the Gemini All Stars. In summer 82,”Money,”the first album of GAS, landed in stores. There will be a great success. During this same period, his health falters and he is forced to return to the United States. His name is losing its luster s’ecliplser up temporarily in the Haitian music world. And the fateful date of 13 May has arrived. Orator of unusual crowd, he innovates constantly. As for his performances during the carnival festivities, they will remain unforgettable and school for generations to come.

Ti Manno was among the best lyricists of Konpa Direct. His lyrics deal with different subjects and expose the problems of political, social and cultural (Neg Kont Neg, Operations, Canter, Marriage of interest). It is not without reason that the nickname”The Prophet”. In addition, his writing addresses the educational system (Gen pwofesè ki pa genyen the art of explaining), becomes sarcastic vis-à-vis the traditional society (Pale french vini Tounens Mety. Konfonn Yo Fakilte Inivèsite ak) . Words that are, alas, still relevant. Ti Manno of Haiti is the singer most involved in the Konpa Direct. Unquestionably, it still represents one of the most iconic faces of Haitian music. A legend for the West Indies of Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana who annually pay homage to him. The remains of Ti manno rest in the grave 17_section 10-pin 95, Calvary Cemetery, located 49-42 Laurel Hill Blvd, Woodside, Queens in New York. If by chance you’re in the area stop by to lay a wreath of flowers on his grave. Who knows, if you’re careful you will, perhaps, to sing for you. Feel free to dance then.



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  1. Kenny v se verite sa w di a ti manno te inik pat jamm gyen musician , li son instrumentis li pap Selman li pa Selman yon chante
    sa fe mal apre 32 apre anyen pou yo immortalize . pa gyen statue , yon lekol ki pote nom misye . Timanno pou pep la ,
    li merite plis apreciasiation pou sa fe

  2. the Haitian Bob Marley. His music was always a step beyond. The man was a prophet and the music lives on…..shit I grew up on ti manno my mother weekend vibe. Rest In Power King. you're one true G.O.A.T

  3. Li pat inventé konpa, min pou mwen Ti Manno "est le Compas". Mizik li toujou rezone pou tout generation 31 ans après li mouri

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