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  1. My list 😀
    1- Kendrick Lamar
    2- J. Cole
    3- Joey Badass
    4- Earl Sweatshirt
    5- Capital Steez( rip :c)
    6- Logic
    7- Danny Brown
    8- Big Sean
    9- A$AP Rocky
    10- Tyler The Creator

  2. I'm sorry but there is no such thing as top 10 because today's so called "rap/hip hop" is cancer. Kendrick & J cole are the only two that are true artists & true to themselves, in my opinion. If you want real music then listen to the legends that paved the way back in the 80s & 90s. Appreciate the Legends here & now while they are still with us. Go listen to Warren G – G Funk Era Part 2 :)

  3. A$ap Rocky is no.1 not 4….Kendrick is overrated as fuck he's good I like him, he just has like a couple one but wonders, his next album hopefully should do this

  4. this list isn't even that bad jesus christ. maybe the order is wrong, but the rappers are good and you could pretty much change the people with honorable mentions or take one out

  5. Joey Bada$$ 6 mixtapes in a 2 year span? The fuck this nigga on about. Joey only have 2 official mixtapes, 1999 and Summer Knights, which came out in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

  6. How can u even dare putting Drake on this list? He aint even a rapper…. and how is Asap rocky better then J cole? How can u put him over j cole? Ur logic makes absolutely no sense…

  7. yea I put
    7:lil wayne
    5:pablo escabear
    3:2 chainz
    2: Kendrick Lamar
    1:Caskey Shout to Caskey follow him on Ig and Twitter @Caskey407 and make sure to buy his new album No Apologies and follow me on Ig @ar_c407_247

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