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  1. I'm not going to count #2, I think it's just a Scatman John reference. Not every syllable has to be a real word (consider genres like scat and doo-wop).

  2. I see how some of those punchlines could make sense you. they just read the words not really look into it. Not that I'm saying they're good lyrics lol just saying I don't think these are the best people to judge rap lyrics and punchlines

  3. Calling number 10 a stupid lyric doesn't make any sense??? Telling an officer you're high might not be street smart, but what does that have to do with being a stupid lyric?? Lol who knows, maybe he's a law abiding citizen… ANYWAY

  4. They were all pretty bad as for Yeezy it was lame but I think the reason he would feel like an "Asshole" is cuz his wife Kim would maybe ask how he got the stain. So ya Id feel like an asshole too.

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