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  1. M-dako pou kozé Makiki-a but for years… Sé domaj sé kounya sèlman nou wè sa-a!
    Sé pa jodia Makiki nan kompa, 509 ak anpil lòt gwo djazz…
    Underrated pou mwen men pa gen manti nan Makenson pyès é leu li vinn nan Disip lan, li fè-m renmen djazz la pi plis ke jan m-té renmen-l déjà…
    Déner Ceide sé no djòl to talk for years too!
    Men kot Ralph Condé nan konbit lan?

  2. The solo makiki did @amazura is actually from a French song (chansonette francaise) named les portes du penitencier. I agree it was one of the most beautiful guitar solo I've heard in a while but it was copy/paste. And I think that Ure sleeping on the guitarist from septen and Tropicana. I know they're not very active in the diaspora but they're killing it in Haiti. They're two of the best guitarists out there right now and no I'm not talking about the old heads they are very young guys. Check them out.

  3. My personal take on this list: I am surprised Ralph Conde, who, to my understanding, is still quite active, is not featured in this video. Here is how I would rearrange the list: 1-El Pozo, 2-Dener Seide, 3-Wilson (who has a degree in music, guitar in particular) 4-Roberto (who is doing something quite challenging : lead singer & lead guitar), 5-Kiki (am not convinced he should have made the cut here)…But if you go to Limonade in the North region of Haiti, you will find a guitarist that would blow you away .Hello Rolynx! Perhaps I am mistaken, but it appears that your objectivity in the consideration of Makiki may have been tainted by probably your personal preference. Thanks for taking the time to share this video with the Kompa Jam fans. I do appreciate it.