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  1. that boy was only 17 years old, he was killed execution style during a drug deal….damn shame that his life was taken because he was part of such a ruthless gang. Recruiting children to become gang members, putting them to work dealing drugs, then holler, scream and want revenge when they get killed. The people they need to be blaming is themselves !! That boy could have been so much more in life, now he's just a memory and a heartache to all who loved him. Damn shame. R.I.P. Jude !!

  2. Finally Some Real Reputable Respected Rappers Finally Sick Skilled Raw Dirty Talent Always Appreciate Hardcore Goon Music… These Guys Sound Talk and Walk Like Real Gangsters as Solid as a Rock…!!! Support 187 for Life with A.C.A.B Fever All Day….!!!

  3. if you live by the sword you surely die by the sword.. aint nothing impressive about this.. this cats are broken and gang is their escape.. they are deceived by that kinda lifestyle. there is so much to life.

  4. Yes I was there a few months ago West Palm. I was stayin with some of my family. I was few feet to nearly getting shot. 17 yr old got shot it was some scary shit. I was there before the police even turned up.

  5. The strong suit of these people are not their raps. But their ability to back their shit up. All the haters here all talk. But none of them would ever say it to directly to these people.

  6. LAbloods and crips just cause death and I want to kill some because they killed some of my uncles family (I'd be up in pensylvania with my members if I had a license still)

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