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  1. My heart goes out to this women. Also to her son, as a parent, he must be sickened to not only know his own son assaulted his mother, but to have him admit to it so callously as if to him he did nothing wrong, as a parent it must of been hard for him to not only ring the police himself, but also give them information his son shared, as a son he must feel tremendous guilt, but I think most people will agree him swiftly calling the police when his mother informed them, was a bold and most likely emotional experience for him as a father and son.I hope the mother knows, that just because she took sleeping medication in no means make this right, your meant to be safe in your own home, surrounded by family. Fifteen is an age where right and wrong is known, and I hope the son continues to support and help his mother heal, and that they each have each other for support.Many will cast blame, many will state or attempt to reason, but in this case the only blame is on an obviously disturbed and sick young man's shoulders.

  2. That little bastard. I am so tired of these people letting sex motivate them to violate other people. Ain't that much fucking in the world that needs to be done to the point these monsters loose their minds.

  3. These things though rare do happen. The difference is in America you love to broadcast the most depraved of actions for the whole world to see for sensationalism. In other countries such things are dealt with in a different, quieter manner, after all this only concerns this family and shouldn't be for public consumption. He needs serious psychiatric help and the rest of the family need help too but telling the whole world serves no purpose except in that it allows people to figure out who the victim is, where is her right to privacy?

  4. Father never beat shit out of him ,he would of had to go to hospital after ppl done with him he would of got such a beaten and broken bones

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