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  1. He was about to do a song with Sam Sneed….obviously that's before the fight broke out 'cos there is no 2pac / Sam Sneed track as far as I know?

  2. this is classic – we were even able to hear Faith Evans laying her vocals . I once opened the door for her when I was working an evening shift at an apartment complex. she was so humble I didn't even recognize who she was until some residents ran out into the lobby in mass hysteria. they asked " did you know who that was"? I looked at the sign in sheet and sure enough it said Faith Evans­čśü

  3. sometimes u got a ask yaself….do the world still have faith in God or did evil creep to every level of life?….me… I'm waitin for Apacalypse rapture…..

  4. +s I kno that and so do u..but brothers that got the shine…use there shine for evil or self promotion and indulging and leading the youth to hell…

  5. Thank you Chucky big interview PAC always makes you listen word for word rest In peace General makaveli tupac shakur the don greatest of all time!!! Period!!!!!!