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  1. Imagine a bright sun. You're sitting under a palm tree. To your left, a plate of banane Pézé, pikliz, poisson and lambi. To your right, a bottle of Prestige beer/ Cola Couronne/ Barbancourt or even a bottle of Perrier. You watch silently as the ocean brushes back and forth along its shore. You can’t help but rock side to side as you’re listening to the soft acoustic sounds of Twoubadou–the roaring of the tambour and the sounds of the cha-chas… .

    Haiti Cherie, à bientôt 😉

  2. @thebestever84 Lady u really got problem. That's was a compliment. Go way back on our cultural dance, the way our beautiful haitian women dance it, then you'll stop PMSing.

  3. Lady u really got problem. That's was a compliment. Go way back on our cultural dance, the way our beautiful haitian women dance it, then you'll stop PMSing.

  4. they want to turn haiti into another tourist destination where all the haitians can work as hotel servants and the bulk of the cash leaves the country and goes into the pocket of the rich corporations.

  5. guadeloup is not rich, french is providing aid to them. noone actually pay any attention to guadeloup , that is why American want haiti , but not your slum country. stay in france work as a maid and keep claiming your french.

  6. Get a life vachil93, you sound like a hater. are you mad the haitian fought for their independence and yours did not? F.Y.I (hope you know what that means) haitians eat three meals a day. so stop with your stupidity and go clean some shit. Stupid scum, fuck shit. Guadeloup and martinique have nothing to do with your ignorant comment so keep them out of it, you a poor excuse for where ever you from "conores" never heard of that country or slum, so grow the fuck up.

  7. you've gotta love the way haitian women dance. They keep it simple, but still hott, with a little class! I love my country =)

  8. Jaja. And you (and your entire lineage) should be sterilized to remove your inferior genetics from the gene pool. Que me la chupes, hijo de puta!

  9. Bonjour tout moun. Does Haiti have FAST-PACED folk music akin to what is known as the Dominican Mambo or Mambo Violento? Just really fast-paced, palo-driven rhythms. If so, please point me to it. Thanks in advance. Merci freres moin.

  10. lol learn how to spell first…where u from….im haitian too motherfuckers i probably fuck more woman in ur race then u probably did so whos the fag…now fuckin cunt…

  11. anmweyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy men twoubadou

  12. woyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i remember when i used to go to the soccer matches in haiti and the rara band be singing dat shit was hot…ille de latortue marouge

  13. Hey! You seem like the perfect person to ask…well I am going to start a website empowering us Haitians and letting the rest of the world know that we are not just a "third world country" so I want to know what issues would you like to see be addressed and suggestions if any! P.S. Anyone else can voice their opinions and/or concerns! THANKS

  14. Yes, u and GWOZAGO handled him. all that shit from some1 who claims to be half-black! I don't blame him. 1 of the most blatant disrespect we get from France is the way they continue to portray our independence. Took a course on the Romantic era, read a book by a French historian, and the way he worded it is that France was defeated because the troops came down w/ yellow fever! I couldn't believe it. History of my country, courage of our ancestors, he had reduced it solely to yellow fever!

  15. You and every other TRUE Haitian are very welcome. Growing up I have alway witnessed people picking on and disrespecting us. I was also a victim sometimes and I always fought back. But as I got older instead of using FISTS I used KNOWLEDGE. That's all we as Haitians can do because they seem to think we are all incompetent! Thank you for responding to my comment. P.S. Did you read the whole argument? Me and GWOZAGO handled his ass!!!

  16. It was a big problem all right.
    It wounded their pride.
    That's why they forced us to pay all that gold, so they wouldn't send a fleet to invade us.
    Please talk shit you know. Haiti's victory changed the fates of all the blacks living in this hemisphere. It's too much to ask for a little gratitude.
    Again: Slavery may have abolished ON PAPER in 1789, but we weren't free until 1804.

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