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  1. And as usual it's the white man that sexually assaulted the young boy..fuckin nasty piece of shit…its in the white man genes to rape, molest they're own kids & anyone including men…They need to charge him & put him on general population in prison & let's see if he would try that shit in their…They're suppose to HELP & PROTECT the ppl their not Rape, Abuse, or Molest them & fuck them dumb ass

  2. This is why The Most High hates Esau (Rom. 9:13, Mal. 1:3) and his descendants forever. When the LORD's kingdom is established on earth I hope this young picks these same sodomites to be his slaves (Rev. 13:9). It only appears that these wretches got away but judgement to coming whether you believe in Bible prophecy or not. You can not do these things to His chosen people and actually believe He'll just forget about it.

  3. I don't think being held down with your arms bound to your back, your pants pulled down over your ass while some perverted, sick, white, pedophiliacs touch, prod, glare, enjoy with sadistic laughter and excitement the torment of a young 18 year old boy. Clearly, he didn't enjoy it, he wasn't laughing or smiling, he was grimacing. Then one guy was trying to pull him up by the arm to get him to stand up with his pants still pulled below his ass, which is why the poor teen was resisting to stand up. He just wanted to get the hell out of there. But to anyone who knows what truly goes on in these countries where white people and rich visitors, businessmen etc, they are known to taking advantage of the poor citizens, using them for sex, as young as 8 years old. There's been numerous stories and reports done on how people travel to places in the Carribean specifically for black boys and men primarily. The "sex trade", is one of the area's most profitable import even though most of the money is underground and these forced-into-prostitution victims don't even see half the cash, if none at all. These soldiers took advantage of not only this kids civil rights but abused his human rights, and they should be imprisoned for at least 45 years or punished for committing sodomy/buggery, which can carry an extreme punishment outside of the U.S. 

  4. This is what the U.N Does best go into third world countries specially once filled with unarmed people like here and just rape everyone even babies.

  5. Clicked "Like" only to spread the word to my subscribers about this crime, but absolutely horrified and disturbed over the incident.

  6. Alex Jones refers to evidence showing the UN goes into countries in eastern Europe, Africa and Asia on these make believe missions but they really rape the people.

  7. Old news, it's already been admitted and well documented that UN representatives sodomize toddlers in 3rd world nations, people act like this is strange behavior but it's not, it's business as usual for UN workers, the UN hires deviant sexual predators who do what they do, prey on children for sexual gratification.

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