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  1. Most parents forget to instill the Vietnamese language into their kids so they grow up not being fluent. I'm having a difficult time with the language myself. Try to learn Viet, start with the alphabet than move from there. There are also apps on your phone to help.

  2. I want to speak more languages myself! What's wrong with speaking Vietnamese or Chinese or Spainish ?!? For stupid and lazy people, I got a name for you in Vietnamese: Le Dung Bich !

  3. Hey Rick Lee, you DO realize that Ebonics is for the illiterate uneducated low class, right? Stupid fuq Asians like you speak and gesture like blacks to try to be cool but that just makes you look like an immature wannabe moron loser. One day you'll grow up and realize you don't really know sht about anything so stop giving advice to people as if you're some kind of expert.

  4. Hi Richie! You have a high perspective about preserving our native language even when you are likely to be born in the US. I really appreciated. I hope Vietnamese won't be forgotten but be preserved and developed in the US.

  5. any language will sound harsh and rude if the person who speak it is
    harsh and rude, plus Vietnamese is not a language that sounds good when
    half-fluent people try to speak it, the long vowel compound and the
    tones are usually over pronounced making the language sounds 'heavy',
    native Vietnamese can be really pleasant sounding, tones can be slightly
    changed to express emotions, intentions, sometimes tones can even be
    blended together, as if someone is reading a poem if you listen to the
    right people, the language is so music-like sometimes you
    unintentionally sound like singing when speaking it

  6. i haven't heard much vietnamese but ive heard some songs, mainly to me it just soungs like there are a lot of "boing" and "ang" sounds like the words are bouncing and rounded kind of like the sound in the intro i dont know i might just be weird, different languages are cool and no one should be made to feel otherwise.

  7. our brave and heroic ancestors fought the Chinese and many other foreign invaders over the course of 2000 years to preserved our way of life and most importantly our beautiful ,special thieng Viet. for any Viet to be ashamed of our unique tongue is basically spitting on our ancestors graves!!!!!!!

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