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  1. Please the world specially Dominican people haitian not poor if we do because there's a hand behind it a beautiful country like can't be poorest in the hemisphere West we have full natural treasures actually there is a gold mine will be exploring which is estimated 20 billion dollars plus oil not in exploring yet we have that water and land uranium aluminium more than 25 billion copper we can't even estimate the value but a lot coals more than 100 billion we have everything but we don't wanna sell the country lik Dominican didn't just for food if the investors left Dominican will stay with the only on butt that's why we're taking time to have a better deal for our people 

  2. Last week I was with a Canadian he told me last month. I went on vacation in Labadie in Dominican republic I told him you know what my friend you lost you didn't visit Dominican Republic you went to Haiti. He said he has never travel when they talk about Haiti, there never tell a good story about it. He has been misled by them and some NGO's making money in the back of poor misfortunes. I talk him I appreciate your confession and your honesty. We want more apologies for disdaining us.

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