When I Say I Do Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore


This is yet another Vday MVid. Random pictures of weddings some celebrity some not. The couples I like I posted twice. Yesterday a friend of mine posted this song and I had not heard it in forever and I remembered how much I love it. This version is not very popular but this is the version my husband and I danced to at our wedding.
So here it is ” When I Say I Do ” Chante Moore and Kenny Lattimore.

OMG Over a 100,000 Views WOW!!!Thank You!!!




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  1. Baby thank you for showing me what true love is I will be there thru thick and thin babe unidos como cadenas te adororo Daniela Estrada honored to call you my wife

  2. I hope to have this song play in the background while my future wife to be strolls down escorted by her dad down the isle, with me at the other end looking on and waiting for her,one day!!Lol

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