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  1. If I survived that … I would go after those who did this to me … And I would kill. Slowly, with a red-hot iron on his butt. For hours, but would not kill. They would ask to die.

  2. dam lol he should of made a shank if he was a violent inmate im pretty sure the blacks would of respectd him by violent i mean a fighter size does not matter !

  3. I don't even think I could 'play act' the role of one getting sodomized, but actor did decent job…

    'Cut', let's film it again guys, this time with more passion'…D'oh!

  4. I'm surprised the 'Aryans' didn't protect him…

    I wonder if being sodomized for 8 straight hours in a row is a Genius book world record?

  5. not saying all prison rape is done by blacks, but they are the perpetrators more often then not, then when whites come together as protection against predatorial blacks, they get labeled as a racist group, white Supremacist, well if not having a monkey rape me in the ass makes me that,, so be it, but whites in California, don't have to worry about such non sense..

  6. Trimp is alpha like putin and their testosterone is pumped up and ready to put fear on these barbaric animals . I could care less if their military might capture these thugs and torture them for hours including rape yet the liberal progressive left will be out their in protest saying no torture to our enemies but of leftist twisted freaks!

  7. Muslims are turning out the same way too and them illegal mexican they're just as brutal look what's happenning all over in europe the atrocities of rape being committed by muslim refugees is unbelievable men women and children are being raped by them animals . God i can't wait for trump to destroy them terrorists soon liberals won't do shit they always end up losing wars and never protect the public bunch of weak freaks

  8. I hear that kkk rape is more like love making but when them black thugs be doing it they show no mercy they're like gyrating monkeys humping you without any remorse

  9. Everytime i see these type of thugs in da hood or anywhere in nyc i'm always packing and ready i'm always playing street smarts i'm not like them liberal socialist elitist whites who do nothing but give in to these thugs and become victims that's the liberal mentality that's why they're weak when it comes to terrorism

  10. This aint no joke chicago crime rate is skyrocketed high in 20 years obama sure jived his own people he doesn't care if them thugs shoot innocent black children and elderly. Obama is a thug that i hope both putin and trump come up with a plan to destroy him once and for all!

  11. Donald trump really needs to put a end to this liberalism shit once and for all and turn the ghetto black communities into civilized productive citizens

  12. Everytime i see them black baby thugs in da hood especially in harlem getting screamed at by their otc moms while them dead beat dads are screwing them other ho's making more thug babies i say to myself damn them babies are going to be trouble when they grows up

  13. And what's really fucked up and disturbing about this he was actually raped by them nasty nigga thugs on new year's eve how worst can that be .Them niggas made sure that he remembers this shit every time the new year comes.

  14. And now them shopping malls are being attacked by a crowd of gyrating thug monkey ass niggas with their thug hood mentality behavior hope all them cops shoots them or start bringing in law and order and put these black ghetto teens in prison so that they can be brutally raped since they don't know how to behave and all you stupid ass liberal white teens can join them as well.

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