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  1. Lord Jesus im over hear crying just looking at her and hearing her voice so beautiful…shes thanking God while shes singing yall I feel the Holy Ghost every time I hear her sing this RIP Whitney and Bobby Christina

  2. Whitney looks so good here! Her style, hair, colours – just fabulous!
     And what a fabulous song – It is just great to hear her testifying( as the brother in the earlier comment has already said so well)!
     A really beautiful and superbly talented African American woman at the height of her powers.
     I love and adore Whitney to this day and feel her loss so greatly.She was so wonderful! GOD BLESS OUR BELOVED WHITNEY HOUSTON, GOD BLESS HER !

  3. I love the lord Jesus and I’m not afraid to tell the world about it". ~ Whitney Houston !!!
    Eu amo o senhor Jesus e não tenho medo de dizer ao mundo sobre isso". ~ Whitney Houston :-)

  4. I look at this video often. Her testimony was powerfully presented and her voice….how can anyone deny God's love after hearing her? Well done, well done.

  5. I do love the lord,I know it deep down in my soul.Oh City of God how broad and far,out spread thy walls sublime,Unharmed upon the eternal Rock the eternal city stands.Thank you God for your help.

  6. rest in peace nippy no one can do this song like you only you you were awesome gone too sone still rocking in nov 2016 you have your wings the best ever period

  7. o taste and see that the Lord is good. His ways are not ours ways & I will haste unto his throne until I take my last breath of life! Bone Cancer Stage 3 but I believe in a different report…..

  8. God bless you, Whitney, you knew you could go to the Lord in prayer and you took me right there. Singers know the song but you know the Saviour the song is about.!!!"

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