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  1. What you’re hearing is not a “Jamaican “ accent, it’s a “Toronto “ accent. Like this video explains the local jargon in Toronto from non-wealthy diverse neighbourhoods is largely affected by jamaica and Caribbean slang and flavour. HOWEVER 1) It’s not raw Patois as typically it’s mixed with Canadian Jargon 2) Toronto’s Slang is NOT just Patois, it has influences from Somali, Arabic, Other semitic languages, West Africa, and plenty of Loan words from USA

  2. People talking about Toronto slang including Muslim words. NO it' strictly a Jamaican ting. Asians and white kids ain't out here mimickng no Somalian move up with that non sense.

  3. Its funny how these people talking about Drake and they have never been to the REAL TORONTO. Not downtown Im talking the west end and east end. ITS NOT UK SLANG. It's Toronto talk which has been going on wayyyyyyyyyyy before Drake was Drake. He just shared it to the world. smh. Its very important to have a passport and travel.