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  1. Hood documentaries like this that expose the culture of violence in inner cities like not only Miami but New Orleans, Memphis, Newark, DC, Philly, Bmore, Chiraq, Detroit, St.Louis, LA, Oakland etc is the reason why I say the military should be taking these dudes off the streets by force and sending them off to the battlefield of war, the US military always talking about how they enlistment numbers are so down and that their is a shortage of soldiers well their goes a plausible solution, its not like they arent already active gang members in the military anyways, the gangland series already did an episode on that very reality. Why not give these dudes an opportunity to show their worth to their country? by fighting on behalf of it, they will not only gain some valuable skills in combat but they also will gain willful employment and education opportunities if they so choose and if they end up being killed well atleast they will die honorably, then jus being senselessly killed on the street over nothin cause right now all they are doing is being a troublesome burden to the rest of society at large by terrorizing their own communities, filling the prisons and cemeteries while leaving grieving and traumatized families behind to deal with the aftermath.

  2. One dude saying why he can't have this that and all this stuff like other people from other places and that he's American.. it's called get a job and work for the nice things you want nobody is preventing none of you from getting a job or getting aide for schooling.. the thing is they don't want to work for the nice shit or work your way up in the job world they want everything handed to them with out really putting in the work. There are a lot of people who grew up in the hood and poor who worked their asses off to make them selfs successful so they can have a nice car house clothes etc.. these young kids are lazy and only want to kick it get the easy money that leads them to jail or dead!! On a good note though A couple of these guys have some real talent when it comes to their music have nice rhythm,flow and all in all sound pretty good

  3. Back in the old days they white folks use to called black people animals ..after watching videos like these im starting to think they where right

  4. im haitian from the bahamas. first lived in little haiti and then north miami. headed down there tomorow for christmas and i served in marine. got an MBA, bought a house, etc. comes a point where you decide how your life turns out. but i understand the mentality of street life that alluring that keep young boyz trapped in da game

  5. in some weird way icebergs prediction was true. he wasnt the next one to blow tho but he's a legend in miami so fuck blowing up. denzel curry and kodak black were the next ones to come out. dont reply to this comment saying "kodak from broward not miami" stfu people out of florida dont know shit bout no broward all them radio stations out of florida says he from miami because nobody cares about broward lol

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