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  1. Grand respect pour Wyclef malgré ce qu'il se dit sur lui. Parmis tous les chanteurs d'origine Haïtienne (Snoop dogg,DAz Dillinger, 50 cent, PDiddy,JayZ,Dr Dré, beyoncé,Willsmith,DMX,WarrenG,Usher,Missy elliott,Lenny Kravitz…).
    Gardé la force ayiti! vous avez beaucoup de richesses comme votre peuple si doué pour les arts, une île paradisiaque où tout peu pousser… Chassez tout ces politiciens pourris,unissez vous! prenez votre destin en main! il est l'heure!
    Beaucoup de cousins français pensent à vous et sont prêt à venir avec vous

  2. So I'm watching Entoutrage, and to my surprise, I hear a familiar language in the background. I knew it had to be Wyclef. Interesting song.

  3. I hear what you are saying, but I think that Wyclef is trying to create greater awareness and love for Haiti. NO ONE should have to live with such extreme disease and poverty! With all Americans and others have in the world, I think that it is so shameful to let our brothers and sisters live like that! I know it's going to VERY, very expensive but I think the nation needs total overhaul and a STRONG, SUPPORTED democratic leader!

  4. Rest of Verse 4:

    I press, I jump one district to another
    To help the poor, ten and eleven yeah SOMETIMES I'm gonna leave this world
    I fixed my watch on the sound of the alarm of my death, One time, at noon I'm gone!
    I have an appointment with Jesus I'm gonna get dressed to go to church, Hop!
    Too late! I'm already in my grave!

    I would know exactly, the date and day that I DIE…

  5. Rest of Verse 3:

    What is the enemy of the flaws?
    That's life and let me tell you that [it] was a challenge!

    I would know exactly, the date and day that I DIE…

    Verse 4:

    I go 24 hours, managed by my mistakes
    Talk to my parents and my sisters, we talk about my dying
    Stop crying, I went to the ghetto
    Separate my little brothers, prepare a Blo
    I ram my child prostitutes in toll
    Who has put me off, an idea of Boss, Philip, Ho!

  6. This is 3rd verse:

    I still have 24 hours, or that I have a lifetime
    Every second that is left I breathe
    86 400 leaves a block on the stroke of midnight
    That's life and let me tell you that it was a challenge!
    Goodbye! Do not cry if I must go. I fly!
    I filled and I derailed my mission. I die!
    Lord, forgive me [for] my faults
    That's life and let me tell you that was challenge!
    Bye! Do not cry my life if I die. I fly!
    The sun shines on my battlefield. So high!

  7. This is the rest of 2nd verse:

    Check when I was a bit, I hush up crazy, too
    I know disorders
    Now we laugh over mama’s Soul Food!
    With all my allies at the table
    I'll go away or do I see palm trees and beach … Haiti!

    I would know exactly, the date and day that I DIE…

  8. [Verse 2]
    What do you do when you [see] the incredible wonders of the heavens
    before [you]!
    No one is crying, but now [everything] gives way to paradise
    Before I go, I see that I must be with my little nephew
    The kiss between the two eyes, [I pray]
    That I will see him again for myself, if God is willing!
    And until you've got the guts to beat you [it],
    Man! Life is one big cul-de-sac
    Ho! Ho, more than that I [would] see my lady,
    Have unprotected sex, I want you to have my baby!

  9. Here's the Chorus/bridge:

    And if you had 24 hours to live
    Would you sing? Would you dance? Would you cry?
    And said oh no i want to go away!
    And said oh no i want to go away!

    Unable [to do it]? What’s up?
    What would you do?

  10. Here's the other half of the first verse:

    In her dress so beautiful she said, 'Wyclef, TapTap we will eat.''
    I said, I cannot because I will not be [here] tomorrow.
    I come only to thank you from the bottom of [my] heart
    Because with all you have done for me, you must allow me to leave
    and go elsewhere!
    You're a beautiful woman, no need to cry,
    When I'm gone, you can marry again!

    I would know exactly, the date and day that I DIE…

  11. This is the first verse

    If you had 24 hours to live, and you knew you were going to die
    What would you do?

    Yo, if I still had just 24 hours to live, I would go see my mother
    That she say to him well bred, his son, be proud
    I was made to be a thief, murderer
    [But] that’s her fault, “I'm gonna kiss him”
    A beak on the front (a kiss on the cheek)
    Then I return to the streets
    2 ½ hours later I call Jerry Duplessis
    I tell him to pick me up, deposit me
    at my Mam'selle (my mama's

  12. Although I am NOT a huge hip-hop/rap fan, I have French-Creole roots (from Louisiana) and I just love this song of Wyclef. I try to post a translation soon

  13. I love this song. Please send me more Haitian music. I do not speak french or creol but i was born in Haiti and was adopted at the age of 9 so anyone that can share information that would be amazing.

  14. @Trankil1985 Pas juste des "resemblances", j'ai un oncle qui a vecu quelques annees labas et il comprend mon creole d'haiti parfaitement. C'est drole quand meme…