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  1. HAHAHA This dude been pitching the same fucking freestyle for over 4 years. Every single video, EVERY SINGLE ONE, he spits the same shit. What a soothsayer. Goes around talking bout how he would battle anyone, what he's really saying is he wants a boost-up, wants to cop some more cash and accolades off of some other hard-working artist's back. Yo i guess there ain't no Clef without asking WHY. Juiced Lauryn with his bullshit, get the fuck outta here.

  2. so where did all the money go that you raised for Haiti?! o yeah u embezzled it for your own selfish needs ..actually you took how much $40,000 45,000 to pay off your court fines to keep your black ass out of jail! …fuck you

  3. hahahaha you did not get the bullet. you Are fag rapper get tin pop in the ass so you can live on. if not you get the bullet. and you sing like shit. No voice no karizma. hollywood nigga slave that is what you Are hahahahaha

  4. Wyclef is amazing. His lyrics are meaningful and he just hands down a genius in his own right. If you are gonna be technical then listen to something else ya damn robots lol 

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