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  1. Why the fuck did they let him sing that shit without practicing it first. Feel like everyone is working to make a fool of our dear country.
    If only the people of this generation had the same mentality as our forefathers. …. we would bring countries seeking our friendship just like our monarch King HENRY CHRISTOPHE brought Napoleon Bonnarien seek our alliance back in the days.
    I would lay my life down for my dear little country. Haiti has my hear, I love Haiti more then I love myself, I love Haiti more then my very own mother. Haiti will rise again, this time we will be the ruby of the islands, the jewel of the world's crown. We will rise like the Phoenix. We will rise

  2. I thought this was awesome, passionate and soulful.  I'm not Zoe but I watch this guy sing, play lead guitar, play bass, rap, produce r&b, neo-soul, rock, reggae, compa, salsa and country………AND GET HATED ON.  I cant speak on his politics or business  management but the brother is SPECIAL.  If he was anything but Hatian he would be considered great.

  3. Fuck all you motherfucking Haitian that are trying to hate on the fucking man. He didnt have to fucking representing y all motherfucking asses.. do you guys know who the fuck wyclef is:?? The same wyclef that represented y all on the world cup, the same one that helped in 2010, the same yele haiti guy… The same that sings with the africans and mentions Haiti.. the same that has our fcuking flags all over the world.. yes it is who wyclef is. When he was coming up, he tried to give his mixtape to an haitian radio station, and the guy said, i wont play that shit.. after he goes up, they all wanted him…. 

  4. you fucked up dawg,fucked up big time. how can u not know the national anthem of the country you tried to become president of.you're a fucking disgrace for the nation dawg.

  5. man, the only haitian the american know is wycelf smh lol!! Him and his sister messed up the national anthem.. tryna hit the high note.. huh nah!!! lol

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