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  1. So good to see a legend like Wyclef drop a full on off the top freestyle and just own the moment. He had just great energy here. Amazing. And then you have fucking Migos freestyling and people actually think they are saying something or are creative with their rhyming???

  2. Sway stfu… you talking bout all that real hip hop shit and all that…meanwhile you are playing these wack ass beats on your other segments for cats to rhyme on….listen to the skit that premo made on the ownerz album…you fucking robot… fuck outta here… come back to your roots man.. bring that real hip hop back… and im not saying clef aint real

  3. Simply the best to this date! The best freestyle, don't know but on Sway yes it is! No not one new school rapper can even touch this! No one today, not no one today!

  4. Not sure what he said had anything to do with just vetting Syrian/Iraqis/Somalis etc. where ISIS is established and is OBVsly trying to infiltrate.

    The Left is so braindead. Pick your battles better.

  5. "Think before u speak. Bruce LeRoy didn't really catch bullets with his teeth." WHEW! picking up jaw and trying to finish up her as she fans herself

  6. "They thought you were brand new"….. Wow! That old knowledge been hidden by mainstream for these kids! How they end up not knowing the classic OGs?

  7. Sway keepin it real every day over and over and over and over again ! This show is such an inspiration, Wyclef killed it, what a legend, what a mid day pma boost !! Respect respect reeeespect ✊ thank you