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  1. bitch niggas treating thot bitches like they trophies nigga ima tell u like my mama told me, nigga wear a rubbaaaa && fk these bitches don't u love em & & these niggas undercover ???#PreachGotti

  2. "Mama told me, she told me!Them fuck niggas ain't ya homies,Watch how niggas change up (they change up)
    That's why I keep one in the chamber,Cause I'm gon take one with me,Yeah I'm gon take one ??wit me" -#LilSTL

  3. what you gotta do when you the music hits you is that you gotta soak it up share it with your brothers let them know you recognize game and let them that u ain't no hater ..that word is over rated but people in this world they don't know how to reverse that shit they get upset about the shit they don't have …fuck that I learned growing up that it's better for you and me to shine and feel that shit ….2016 for that ass

  4. y get on these comments and hate, just keep it moving… this shit dope! real recognize real so all you that can't relate shhh.. didn't ur mother ever teach you if you ain't got nothing nice to say don't say shit at all.. now go listen to wherever punk ass shit you be listening to.. oh and have great whatever day night .. smh

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