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A beautiful wedding song! I hope you will be blessed by the words and music of this God-inspired song.
I wrote “You Are My Everything” in 2010, and I finally got around to creating this YouTube video to allow me to share the song with you! 🙂 If my song has special meaning for you, feel free to forward the YouTube link to your friends and/or post the YouTube link into your social networking site.

“You Are My Everything”
Words and Music by: Libby L. Allen, Copyright 2010
Vocals by: Stewart Fleming



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  1. You are my everything. Don't abandon me at this point in my life. I held on to life because you gave me hope. I came out of the darkness because you gave me hope. If I don't have you then I have nothing to live for and I have no hope. Don't turn this heart cold. If I turn cold trust me I will never love anyone ever again.

  2. so lovely nd it touches deepdown in my heart nd soul…yes i do im saving my heart bcoz it was god who told me to save it jst for you …bcoz my heart belongs to you honey..

  3. To me you are my everything. I give my love eternally. I love you with every heartbeat and every breath that I take and will forever and always.

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