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  1. Lil Momma cool if it was 33$ of mind I'll be on that hoe heels so 33,000$ omg I would've been hurt a motherfucker so young m.a keep breathing but now I still want to know who wrote that disrespectful shit about tooka..was it you or someone else smmfh…..two of the worst city's in the United States of America damn if you change your mind about sucking dick you got that bread I'll protect you an promise you,can say what the fuck you want in America 1st Amendment North Memphis and New York you dig but on a real note I believe it was her ghost writer but she wishy washy changing her story so rip B B King

  2. Her goons ready for war but she said hold your position… Controversy made her hot so how the fuck you think these haters are gone make her stop.. They forgot Dr Wallace is the one that made her pop…and she is very hot..#1 female rapper right now.

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  4. we dont care about the uber driver, if you take someones money for a show but you did not come then give the money back, plain and simpel!!! and suing your uber driver for the lost of the money you got because cause of him you missed the show( sorry for mine English writing, but I am from Holland ad no native America or Englishman)

  5. New Orleans girls are not to be played with they had a story on the news about a dude getting his New Orleans dude dude came out of his house with his gun shot on front of his house took his money and went out of state but they called him in Louisiana but don't know where Louisiana people is not to be messed with

  6. Kevin gates lil brother going die if he don't pay them new Orleans boys there 33k niggas is starving in the street fuck your video because you can drink 100 dollars bottles. Pay them boys. Oh shit forgot he a girl now shit got real ooooooouuuuuuuuuu