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  1. Wow WTF was that? Also these rap leaders are leading you to nowhere. Prince had a group called New Power Generation, these gender bender thug rappers are turning and recruiting Black males for the New Fag Generation!

  2. the meaning behind the lyrics damn mighty funny how feds raiding him ect its ok for what they claim to be black on black crime lyrics but when a real nigga stand up and get lyrical on them u no longer have rights they raid and stalk you wtf like tour bus swat dont just pop the fuck up like that them bitchs was laying in wait for tugga/aka thugga found nothing so they went to his home-we can kill each other all day but fuck 12 nahh they have a no self deffense against cop law

  3. "I know a few niggas just waiting on my death. Bitch i'm Sudan I got planes on my steps."

    Holy shit, that line is so badass.
    People sleep on thuggers lyrics all the time.

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